Rachel Franks

I got the chance to cover a lot of cool games this week. 

The Sports Zone talks to Hokie fans on their opinions on game day weather, how it afffects the players, and what their prefect gameday weather is.   

This week’s The Sports Zone

Antone Exum didn’t comeback this week, but he did hang out in our studio and show us how to freestyle.

Who does love the classic game H.O.R.S.E.? I got the chance to take on Virginia Tech running back Trey Edmunds in a of H.O.R.S.E., who do you think won?

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Will JC Coleman be back for Alabama? VTTV has the latest on his injury and more.

Media Day leaves many depth chart questions unanswered

Virginia Tech football preseason practice is entering it’s third week as the team prepares for Alabama. 

The Hokie’s second open football scrimmage of the season took place on Saturday. The defense was impressive, but the offense still needs to work on the passing game. This week has been full of bad news for Tech as the inguries continue to pile up. Hopefull, the backups can step up to the plate as the team prepares for August 31.